Name: Wynter
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Sexuality: figuratively? tsunderesexual. Literally? I’m as straight as a ruler. One of those bendy rulers though. It thinks it’s straight and then sometimes it’s like, “WOO! I CAN BEND, ya see?”. By that I mean I also happen to be in love with fictional females to the extremes (they’re all hot) 


Drink: Tea
Book:  Shadow and Bone
Author: uhhhh, I don’t think I’ve gots one :c
Song: at the moment, Alchemy by Girls Dead Monster (Angel Beats ftw) 
Movie: waaaay too many
TV Show: New Girl. (and like 5+ anime shows)
Band/group: GIRLS DEAD MONSTER (obviously) and Hey Ocean!
Solo Artist: BlackGryph0n (I guess? :-P)
Place: The track
Sport: dirt biking
Male Actor: Todd Haberkorn, Troy Baker, Matthew Mercer, etc. (there are so many more)
Female Actor: Angelina Jolie, Bella Thorne, Ali Hillis (so predictable, right?), Brittney Karbowski, Monica Rial, Cherami Leigh, etc. (WAY BIGGER LIST THAN MALE ACTORS)


Best Friends: Squidly (Jake) and Sabrina
Siblings: Kenny (almost 22) and Alex (20)

Dream Job: Something in the entertainment industry. I’d prefer acting (any form), but I’d gladly do somethin’ else within it!
: hell naw
Languages: ENGLISH (I know, I’m lame. Didn’t wanna take a second language/didn’t have to since I don’t plan on going to a big University :-P)


Reason Behind URL: My ongoing obsession with Lightning. (I don’t have to explain Etro’s Knight, right? because I’m gathering that most of you know)
# of Posts: 2, 611
Why You Joined: I honestly have no idea. I guess I just heard about it and was like, “OOOH ANOTHER SOCIAL NETWORK!”
First URL: etrosknight (now with dat hyphen cuz I switched it and then switched it back)
# of Blogs: 2

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